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Lagom Communication is a UK based company specialising in English language text production and translation services from Swedish, Norwegian and Danish to English for the Scandinavian outdoor (friluftsliv) and tourism industries. We work with businesses and organisations of all sizes, as well as with creative and marketing agencies working with brands, products and destinations. We also provide qualitative and quantitative research services for clients in the form of bespoke reports and analysis.


Lagom Communication specialises in providing in-house Swedish, Norwegian and Danish to English translation services for the Scandinavian outdoor (friluftsliv) and tourism industries. This focus allows us to ensure our clients receive very high quality translations with the added value of our unique sector.... [read more]

Text Creation

Sometimes the intended impact of a message requires a text to be individually tailored to the target audience. For these more creative assignments, we work from your brief, style guide and instructions, to produce an original piece of text. This source material can be in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish... [read more]

Research & Consultancy

By commissioning Lagom Communication to undertake your tourism and outdoor (friluftsliv) industry research assignments, you will be ensuring that the work will be based on an excellent cultural and linguistic understanding of both Scandinavia and the target market - something that could..... [read more]