Services Offered by Lagom Communication

The combination of our specialisation in the Scandinavian languages and extensive experience in our target sectors of tourism and friluftsliv, means that we able to provide a unique set of services and solutions. We work with businesses and organisations of all sizes, as well as with creative agencies working with brands, products and destinations. We also provide qualitative and quantitative research services for clients in the form of bespoke reports and analysis. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help with your business communication and knowledge of the UK market.

Translation to English from Swedish, Norwegian & Danish

Lagom Communication specialises in providing in-house Swedish, Norwegian and Danish to English translation services for the Scandinavian outdoor (friluftsliv) and tourism industries. This focus allows us to ensure our clients receive very high quality translations with the added value of our unique sector expertise. 

We also use the very latest CAT (Computer Aided Translation) technology which allows us to keep your costs down by streamlining and standardising the translation process. If you already work with a different translation provider for other language combinations, this means that we will be able to work efficiently together with them. You will also be able to leverage any existing translation memories or term bases you may have previously created. 

For some examples of the sort of texts we work with please see the list in the footer below.

Creation of New English Language Text Material

Sometimes the intended impact of a message requires a text to be individually tailored to the target audience. For these more creative assignments, we work from your brief, style guide and instructions, to produce an original piece of text. This source material can be in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English or a mixture of these languages.

In this way we help you find the right words in English — to start conversations, drive action, build relationships, give clarity, solve problems, save money or perhaps introduce your brand to the UK market.

We also specialise in creating engaging texts in plain English for a wider audience that does not have English as a first language. This is an often overlooked skill that is particularly important within the tourism industry.

Research & Consultancy Services

By commissioning Lagom Communication to undertake your tourism and outdoor (friluftsliv) industry research assignments, you will be ensuring that the work will be based on an excellent cultural and linguistic understanding of both Scandinavia and the target market – something that could ultimately save you a lot of money in your marketing.

An example of this is a widely circulated report looking, among other things, at how the Swedish tourism sector could attract adventurous families from the UK. The authors of the report erroneously presumed that the school summer holidays in the UK and Sweden were at the same time. In fact it is traditional for schools in England and Wales to break up for six weeks from the end of July with schools in Scotland normally breaking up a couple of weeks earlier. This is the time when most seasonal tourism operations in Sweden are actually starting to close down. It is also unlikely that families with school age children could be encouraged to visit earlier as they risk being fined if they take their children out of school during term time.